Oh wow, it's been a while...

Dear Friends,

First of all, I hope everyone's really well, and that your life's back to something resembling normality...  Secondly - I know I've not written in a while, and I'm sorry about that.  I'm going to make an attempt to write to you every week - on a Friday - with my news, and if you'd like to write back and tell me yours, that would be wonderful.

Work news first, and there are two big bits.  The first is that my new single, I Almost Took A Lover, will be out in three weeks, on October 7th!!  Whoop!  I'm not sure if you've heard/seen the previous two?  They're called I'm Giving Up On You and FURIOUS, and I've released them to give you a little taste of my album, It's a Man's World.  More on that below... 

I Almost Took A Lover is a jazz-pop-fusion story about not taking a chance and either missing out on something which could've been amazing, or avoiding something destructive. It features my friend Mike Davis (Paul McCartney, Stormzy) on flügelhorn - his playing is incredible - so if you needed another reason to listen to the song, his solo is it.

The song will come out on all platforms on October 7th, but if you'd like to hear it before then, make sure you tune into my Instagram/Facebook Live session this evening at 6pm BST.  Links below.

My second bit of work news has been a LONG time coming.  My album, It's a Man's World, will FINALLY be released on October 18th, and there are a couple of really special things happening to kick off the launch, and as a mailing list member you'll get first dibbs!  But in the meantime, you could have a listen to the tracks I've already released, on Spotify (links below...).

Lastly - not work-related at all - Andy and I got married back in July!  It was ACE - lovely people, great food, a GORGEOUS ceremony, great music (obvs)... we had the best time.  Thanks if you saw my pictures on social media and sent your congratulations - it was so lovely to read your messages.

Right - more from me next week, but in the meantime here are the links I promised:

Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and I'm even branching out onto TikTok, so do find and follow me there.  Have a great weekend, and speak to you next week,

Becki x

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