From the recording I Almost Took a Lover

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'I Almost Took A Lover' is a song of gentle regret.

The follow-up to bluesy, angry 'I'm Giving Up On You' and tongue-in-cheek tale 'FURIOUS', 'I Almost Took A Lover' tells the story of what happens when you don't dive in, when you don't throw caution to the wind, and how you feel when you revisit that situation many years later.

Featuring Mike Davis on flugelhorn (Paul McCartney, Stormzy), 'I Almost Took A Lover' is genre-defining in its jazz-pop approach. The track is the third single from Becki's forthcoming album 'It's A Man's World' - out November 18th - and the third of four original tracks.

Becki Biggins is an award-winning jazz singer, songwriter and saxophonist, and featured three on US No. 1 albums with Paul Hardcastle (19).


I almost took a lover once
Way back in the past.
When I didn't see a future
And I thought this wouldn't last.

I almost took a lover then,
It's not that things weren't right.
But I had this kind of fever
That might be cured in
Just one night.

Yes, I almost took a lover then
But spot my first mistake.
The lover I chose for myself
Wasn't mine to take.

Organ Solo
Fl├╝gelhorn Solo

And it's not just a flirtation -
You try to forget, but you won't.
And in this situation
You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.

So I didn't take a lover then.
We barely even met.
But it's funny, in a life so full
I have but one regret.
Yes it's funny, in a life so full
I have but one regret.