A Little Bit of Fancy Time-lapse – Becki was putting together the artwork for her new EP, D.I.Y. and decided to make a little film about how she was making the backdrop.  Here’s a little glimpse into the creative process!

Something Different this time – Becki was walking through London’s Soho one day, on her way to work, and realised that she took that historic journey very much for granted.  Soho has been the backdrop to the entertainment industry in London since the days of Charles II, and it seemed a travesty to ignore all the history that’s right under our noses.  So, here’s a film which delves into Soho’s cheeky, risqué and very much flourishing nightlife…  Enjoy!

Interview No. 3 is with Becki’s mate Ross Dines, who books the music for the Pizza Express Group – that’s 3 dedicated venues, and the playlists for every single restaurant in the UK (and there are a LOT!).  Here, Becki and Ross discuss his glamour profession, difficult musicians and what every aspiring musician should do in order to get gigs.

And they eat pizza.  It looks messy.


In interview no.2, Becki chats to Moscow Drug Club’s Katya Gorrie, about the band’s awesome name, its sound, its influences and a funny story about a rude promoter.

This all takes place over cocktails, of course!

For more information about the band, go to


In interview no. 1, Becki interviews her chum Emily Wright, of the band Moonlight Saving Time, over tea and scones.

They discuss the band’s formation in 2011, the great gigs and reviews they’ve had since, their new EP, and winning a fantastic award from the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund.

They also talk about Moonlight Saving Time’s UK tour, which took place in June/July 2013, and you can get more details about the band from

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