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My Fan-funding Campaign

I’ve just launched a Pledge Music campaign – it’s a fan funding campaign which means that you can get involved with the making of my new EP RIGHT NOW, by pledging as little as £6!  Not only will you get a digital download of the EP, you can also lay your hands on some exclusive home-made treats, as well as receiving updates on how the project’s going.

By pledging you’ll be directly responsible for the distribution and marketing of my new EP, and when you hear the songs on the radio, it will be thanks to you!

The exclusives all include an AccessPass, which gives you a downloadable copy of the EP, access to my very entertaining Updates (with content you won’t find anywhere else!), and P&P within the UK where applicable.  You can choose from:

A digital download of the EP, plus access to Updates – £6

A signed physical copy of the EP + AccessPass – £11

A signed EP Poster + AccessPass – £17

A handwritten & decorated Lyric Sheet + AccessPass – £33

Becki Biggins’s beautiful handmade Bunting, with an option to personalise + AccessPass – From £34

Becki Biggins’s beautiful beanies + AccessPass – £34

Becki Biggins’s magical handmade mittens + AccessPass – £34

Happy Birthday Video from Becki + AccessPass – £40

Ask Becki 20 Questions + AccessPass – £60

Becki Biggins’s homemade beautiful beanie + magical mittens set + AccessPass – £59

Music Lesson via Skype + AccessPass – £75

Be in my Video (only 3 left!) + AccessPass – £100

Customised Ukulele (as featured on ‘Just for a Day’ only one available!) + AccessPass – £160

1-to-1 Music Lesson + AccessPass – £200

In-your-house Concert & Baking Session + AccessPass – £1000

In-your-house Concert & Bunting-making Session + AccessPass – £1000

Executive Producer Status + AccessPass – £3000

For more information on any of the exclusives, just click on them, and you’ll be taken to a page with tons of info and pictures.

Thank YOU!

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