March 13, 2014 in New Album, Recording

BB and her Musical Toybox

I’ve been recording some of my songs at home.  The idea is that the songs, the recordings and generally as much as possible is home-made and the recording of my first song, Just for a Day, kicks us off nicely! Here’s a little film about the recording process – I talk us through some of

February 12, 2014 in Interviews, New Album, Recording

February, lovely February…

Hello there, If this is the first time you’ve visited, you’re very welcome!  So are your comments, and your ideas. Anyway, this is a short post about what I’m currently up to (sitting at my kitchen table, drinking tea), and what should come out of it. Mostly, my days at the moment are spent in

April 20, 2013 in New Album, Recording

Solo Album of Original Material is on its Way

Becki is currently working on her first solo album of original material.  She’s no stranger to songwriting, having co-written three US number one albums, but this is the first time that her songs will appear on her own record. She’s taking her time, so apologies if you don’t hear quite as much from her as

March 1, 2013 in New Album, Recording

Introducing the Laurian Recording Company

You may well have heard, if you’re a friend on Facebook, that Becki is the proud co-owner of a brand new record company!  The Laurian Recording Company was set up by Becki and the wonderful Abigail Holloway Hellens, and is set to release its first single, a cover of I Wish You Love performed by