The D.I.Y. EP

  • Released: 22 Feb, 2015
  • Format: Vinyl/Limited Edition CD
  • Label: The Laurian Recording Company
  • Produced by: Becki Biggins, Mastered by Bob Macc at SC Mastering

1.  You Should Be Married By Now (Becki Biggins & Malcolm Edmonstone)

2.  Just For a Day (BB & Joe Stilgoe)

3.  God Only Knows (Brian Wilson)

4.  Friend (BB & Malcolm Edmonstone)

5.  I’m Giving Up On You (BB)

6.  I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan)


The D.I.Y. EP is particularly special in that it was recorded, arranged, performed, engineered, mixed (in fact, everything apart from mastered) by Ms. Biggins herself.

Being a crafty sort, Becki funded the release with a successful Pledge campaign in which she furnished her Pledgers with hand-made bunting, cakes, mittens, hats and beautifully designed lyric sheets. A D.I.Y. Project indeed!

Once again, thanks to everyone who Pledged – this EP wouldn’t be possible without your help.